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Breaking Ground

It’s easy to dismiss this global destruction as an unfortunate environmental mishap, yet the ways we grow food are causing this destruction. Simply put, we need to apply new methods of growing food.

Breaking Ground

How do farmers learn their craft? And how do they balance the health of their soil with the productivity of their land? These are questions we wanted to ask farmers all over the world.

Breaking Ground

In two generations, Brazil has transformed the Cerrado, a grassland south of the Amazon, into one of the major soy producing regions of the world. Soy is an essential feed for pigs, and with a growing appetite for pork, China is the Cerrado’s largest customer. Feeding China has been an incredible business opportunity for Brazilian farmers. But as soy plantations blanket the region to feed that demand, they are also laying waste to the Cerrado’s soils.

Breaking Ground

Soil is a finite, fragile resource everywhere in the world, but in Montana, farmers and ranchers who don’t treat it that way risk losing the ground from under their feet.

Orb featured on A Path Appears

New York Times' Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's new project, A Path Appears, features Molly as a guest blogger.

One World. One Story.

Just like the duck and the hare, once you see the world as a connected whole, you can’t “unsee” it!

Financial Shock

It really doesn’t matter who you are or where you live; the question isn’t if you’ve faced a financial emergency but when — and when you did, how you managed it. We use this question as a barometer to measure the efficacy of financial inclusion and the success of poverty alleviation around the world.