14-Day #OrbPlastics Challenge

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14-Day #OrbPlastics Challenge

Click "message" on the Orb facebook page

Over the last month you may have seen our journalists reporting around the world on #microplastics. If you haven't you should check out our facebook album documenting their journey!

Now we have a way for YOU to get involved right from wherever you are!

Do you know what a microbead is? How many plastic bags have you used today? Do you use fleece to stay cozy? Participate in our 14-Day #OrbPlastics Challenge to learn more about the plastics in your life and how you can change your habits to be more environmentally sustainable.

Click this link and message us with the words "DayOne" to begin these quick, fun, daily challenges! Capitalization doesn't matter, but make sure you don't add a space between Day and One.

If you don't have the facebook messenger app, or you're having trouble getting the link to work, just click the "Message" button on the Orb facebook page (location circled in red in the above photo) and type "DayOne" to begin.