Orb: The Journey Begins!

Orb in the World

Orb: The Journey Begins!

At some point in life, everyone sets out on a personal or professional journey that they know will be exciting and challenging. Here's mine:

You know the feeling, right? A buzz of energy, anticipation and even worry rings inside you as you take the first steps. Anxiety can outweigh the joy, if one ventures out alone. But it’s always more fun when some friends join in.

The fact that you’re reading this means Orb already has your company on the voyage. And we’re very happy about that. Thank you!

Orb is just getting started on its voyage and Orb in the World is our official blog.

Orb is a non-profit start-up. We are working to build a new kind of journalism that better serves the public by telling stories that challenge our assumptions and unite us around our human story. We’ve redesigned the journalistic editorial process to achieve this, fusing massive data analysis with knowledge from the crowd and professional, on-the-ground reporting.

After some requisite blood, sweat and tears, and a lot of hard work, I’m happy to announce that Orb is releasing its first story.

Following Orb in the World is a great way to join us on this journey. We will use this blog to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of what we’re thinking and learning, how we got here and where we’re going. It takes time to produce work like this, and even longer to get it right. Orb in the World is where you’ll see that story unfold.

Why do we want you to join us on this journey? At Orb, we believe that you have a role in the journalism we produce. As an individual, you have experience and knowledge that can help us better understand the world we live in. We want to fold that knowledge into our reporting process. Your participation is crucial to helping us generate more meaningful, thoughtful, enlightening stories that inspire reflection and provide fresh insights. Orb’s stories will help us more readily see ourselves as members of one human community.

That’s what we’re all about. One world. One story.

So, we really mean it when we say you’re invited to do more than just follow along as Orb progresses: We want you to join us in building a new kind of journalism for a global audience…for you and for all of us!

A journalist’s job is to learn about the world and share what we learn with others who are curious and seeking to understand it, too. Without you, there isn’t much point in us doing what we do.

So, please reach out. Let us know what you’re thinking, what big ideas you have, and how we can make the Orb experience better. We’ll reach out to you, sporadically at first and more frequently as we get going, so we can better grasp what you know about the world.

How can you join us on this journey?

Thank you for joining us. We’re all so glad to have your company on this adventure!