Reporting Our Shared Experiences

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Reporting Our Shared Experiences

Observations by Molly Bingham, Orb Media President & CEO

As human beings, we have our differences — yet those differences are dramatically outweighed by how much we have in common.

When we see or listen to stories from around the world that resonate with our own experiences — whether it’s caring for an aging parent, casting our first ballot in an election or the search for clean drinking water — they touch us, connect us to the shared experience of being human on today’s planet.

By building on our shared experience, we can have better, more purposeful organic conversations around issues that matter to billions of people — food, water, energy, health, education, environment, trade, and governance — broadening our personal perspectives, while validating our local experience of global issues.

Orb Media delivers high-quality reporting on global issues, informing and empowering individuals around the world to understand how their personal perceptions and choices are connected to their neighbors down the street and to others halfway around the world.

To tell the human story around these topics that impact much or all of the global population, Orb Media has innovated the traditional reporting process, fusing together:

  • Deep, rigorous analysis of existing data sets and the collection of new data or physical science if reliable data is not available;
  • Collaborative, on-the-ground reporting across multiple countries including interviews and capturing still and video photography; and
  • Engaging individual members of the public across the globe to share their experiences or participate in surveys to gain a further personal “on-the-ground” perspective.

In this way, Orb Media can make what often seem like distant “global issues” real and relevant to the daily lives of individuals around the globe, empowering them to engage and act in ways that will shape our world.

Dagupan, Philippines — A boy climbs over plastic debris in a 50-year-old dump overlooking the ocean in the seaside town. Photo Credit: Chris Tyree for Orb Media. This image was awarded an honorable mention by the Institute for Nonprofit News in the Impact Prize for Nonprofit News Photo Prize Awards.

Orb Media publishes a definitive version of our reporting online and partners with leading news organizations around the world. We share our reporting in advance of publication with print, broadcast, radio, and online outlets across six continents to better catalyze a global dialogue through greater publishing transparency.

We support editors’ efforts to connect their local readers to the world by providing a baseline of global reporting, data and assets, gathered across continents that their editorial teams could then enhance through local reporting, data gathering, and further research.

Together we provide a localized, global perspective to readers, listeners, and viewers around the globe on the issues that impact billions of people. The objective is to create more than a single, shared perspective. The aim is to foster a global dialogue that is as diverse and dynamic as the population and to create a shared knowledge of issues and topics that impact us all.

About Molly Bingham

Molly is the driving force behind Orb. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer and journalist, Molly has covered news and conflicts around the globe. Her work has been featured in leading media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The Independent, Vanity Fair, and she has appeared on top network and cable television and radio news programs. Named in 2012 by the Columbia Journalism Review as one of “20 Women to Watch,” Molly is at the cutting edge of defining journalism in the digital age, with a unique vision for discovering and covering global stories while making original content accessible and engaging. Molly serves on the boards of The Overseas Press Club and The Listen Campaign. A graduate of Harvard University, Molly was awarded a Nieman Fellowship in 2004, where she first began developing Orb’s core concepts.