Editorial Independence

Orb Media’s greatest assets are the consistent quality of its reporting and its journalistic independence. As a team and an organization, we attentively safeguard both.

Our journalism ethics are firmly grounded and they underscore all that we do. To ensure the integrity of its journalism mission, Orb strives for editorial independence in all aspects of its operations.

Orb is a nonprofit because that framework makes our objective of serving the public clear and indisputable — to the public, to our donors, and to our team. As a journalism organization that is a registered public charity, our purpose is to inform and educate a global audience.

Those who contribute to Orb do so with the understanding that our journalistic independence is our prized possession and is not for sale. Donors are not granted any preferential treatment nor are they shielded from investigations or scrutiny. Our supporters understand the importance of our journalistic integrity and expect high standards from us. They know that a free press is essential for a peaceful society and that understanding our evolving world is key to the protection of globally shared values.

All editorial decisions are made by Orb’s journalists and senior editors. Orb’s editorial staff may collaborate with our development and communications teams in their efforts to fund and publicize our work, and to brief supporters after work is completed.

Orb welcomes editorial suggestions from readers, including donors, no matter the size of their contributions. To ensure a donor’s relationship with Orb is beneficial for both Orb and the donor, Orb may accept donations for coverage of certain issues. In keeping with its journalistic independence, Orb will retain the right to execute any story in the manner it sees best. This is communicated to and agreed upon by donors prior to the funding of a topic.

Orb never knowingly pursues a story that directly promotes a donor’s financial, personal, or political interests. Orb discloses the nature of all arrangements with outside donors, be they individuals, foundations, or corporations, to the reporting team before committing to any donor-funded project.

These editorial guidelines cover not only Orb’s journalists and editors but anyone who is contracted to work on or produce a reporting project with Orb. Our readers and our world deserve journalism that is independent, accurate, and challenges our assumptions.