How does Orb address these issues?

Orb has several unique qualities.

The first is our perspective: Every story is crafted to reveal our interdependent world to a global audience. We produce journalism that has been liberated from the political, cultural and national biases that often impact which stories are told and how.

Our tone sets us apart: As the sole social institution charged with bringing real time information about our unfolding world to the public, journalism has a responsibility to reveal our world as it is, rather than as we’d like it to be. That means challenging assumptions, revealing our shared interests and bringing a refreshing tone of humility to everything we cover.

Our Topical Focus: Orb’s stories focus on eight core topics – Food, Water, Energy, Health, Education, Environment, Trade and Governance.

We take a proactive journalistic approach: Rather than delivering event-driven, reactive content, Orb uses our data analysis and active community to identify emerging and important stories. Through the stories we tell, Orb demonstrates that our world is built on interlocking human and natural systems, rather than a series of random events.

We have redesigned the editorial process: If you want a different result, you need to change your process, right? We’re fusing data science, the knowledge that exists in the crowd and the work of professional journalists to produce our stories.

How we deliver our stories is radically different: Each story can be read, viewed in multimedia, heard through an audio only version or explored via data in the world’s most widely spoken languages. We collaborate with our community during the reporting process. Interactive graphics, maps, polls and other features make our audience participants in our stories.