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Orb Media is a nonprofit journalism organization dedicated to telling stories that matter to billions of people around the globe. We publish in partnership worldwide with leading media organizations to catalyze global public dialogue to generate citizen-driven change. Fusing original research, data analysis, on-the-ground reporting, and an engaged public, Orb Media produces agenda-setting stories about the challenges we face together as one world.

This Press Room is designed to provide additional information on the organization and the stories we report. Additional resources will be added as they are available.

To request additional information or interview, please contact Hebah Saddique. Requests will be answered in the order they are received.

Any materials sourced from the Press Room should be credited to Orb Media, unless otherwise noted.

The Plastic Question: Making the right choice is harder than it looks
The Plastic Question Press Release

Fighting Blind: Struggling to Close the Terrorist Pipeline
Fighting Blind Press Release

Under Water: How Rising Waters Cost Us All
Under Water Press Release

Generation Activist: Young People Choose Protest Over Traditional Politics
Generation Activist Press Release

Age Well: Attitudes Matter in a Graying World
Age Well Press Release

Plus Plastic: Microplastics in Global Bottled Water
Plus Plastic Press Release
Plus PlasticPress Release Correction: PepsiCo clarifies that Epura is a proprietary brand of GEPP, which holds exclusive rights to PepsiCo products in Mexico.
Plus Plastic FAQ
Nile Red Fact Sheet

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Select articles on previous reporting by Orb Media.

Agua de la llave está contaminada con fibras de plástico
September 11, 2017 El Columbiano

Plastic Particles’ Probable Presence In Tap Water Revealed By Recent Study
September 8, 2017 The Science Times

دراسة: نحو 80% من مياه الصنبور حول العالم ملوثة
September 8, 2017 Al Arabiya

সারা দুনিয়ায় কলের জলে প্লাস্টিক ফাইবার
September 8, 2017 Deutsche Welle

पानी में जहर घोलता प्लास्टिक
September 8, 2017 Deutsche Welle

Ormai è dappertutto Dal Pacifico alla Grecia anch'io veleggio in un mare di plastica
September 7, 2017 la Repubblica

Air Jakarta Terkontaminasi Mikroplastik, Apa Dampak Bagi Tubuh?
September 6, 2017 Tempo

'I was alarmed - we take our water for granted'
September 6, 2017 Irish Independent

Hasil Riset: Air di Jabodatek Terkontaminasi Mikroplastik
September 6, 2017 Tempo

Our drinking water is widely contaminated with tiny bits of plastic
September 6, 2017 Irish Independent

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals
September 5, 2017 The Guardian

If you're drinking tap water, you're consuming plastic pollutants
September 5, 2017 PRI