What is Orb’s Ethics Policy?

Orb challenges the way we see the world and brings us closer together around the things we share. By telling stories that show how we are interconnected and highlighting trans-national and cross-cultural collaboration, Orb provides the information necessary to fuel individual action, ultimately shaping our world. Orb is built on a nonprofit framework because we believe that as a nonprofit we can better serve the public’s interest rather than the bottom line.

What does it mean for Orb to be a nonprofit news organization? It means that we act as a public charity with the purpose of educating and informing a global audience. It means that Orb is a true member of our global community and not a corporation with business interests. It also means that Orb is supported by donations by individual donors, memberships, foundations, corporate sponsorships, syndication and other revenue streams.

While our nonprofit business model may be unique, our journalism ethics are firmly grounded and they underscore all that we do. Our reputation, in fact our existence, is predicated on holding our journalism code of ethics sacred. This doctrine covers not only our journalists and editors but also anyone who is contracted to work on or produce a story with Orb:

Our readers, our world, deserve journalism that is truthful, free of bias and challenges all our assumptions. We deliver content that is accurate, respectful, doesn’t harbor any of our own special interests and challenges all of us about what we think we know. Our journalism must meet the high demands of our readers; all our journalism will undergo diligent verification. All Orb team members are required to reveal any conflicts of interest in advance of commencing work on an Orb story or at the point they are discovered if after work has begun and share them with their supervisor. In the end, the stories we report will be an accurate and complete reflection of our shared, global story. They will be the best that we can do.