What is The Trust Project?

The Trust Project, a consortium of top news companies led by award-winning journalist Sally Lehrman, is developing transparency standards that help you easily assess the quality and credibility of journalism.​

The Trust Indicators developed by the project are standardized disclosures that provide clarity on a news organization’s ethics and other standards for fairness and accuracy, a journalist’s background, and the work behind a news story. More than 75 news organizations collaborated to create them.​

They are the first to give search engines and social media platforms the consistent technical standards they need to surface quality news.​

The Trust Project tech partners, who are investigating ways to use the Trust Indicators to surface and display quality journalism, include Google, Facebook, Bing and Twitter.​

Orb participates in the Trust Project because we know that the information, misinformation and disinformation in the digital space are both overwhelming and hard to separate. The Trust Project supports the public’s ability to quickly identify quality reporting to inform themselves and we think that’s great!