What We Do


Orb Media is a journalism organization that recognizes that we are an inherently interdependent global human society knit together in need, experience, desire and aspiration.

What We Do


Orb Media conducts original reporting and research on issues that impact billions of people.

We produce quality, fact-based journalism that informs individuals globally by infusing the publishing infrastructure with compelling stories and important information that catalyzes global dialogue and action.

Orb Media is a Washington, DC-based digital newsroom and a registered U.S. 501 (c) 3.

How We Do It


Orb Media’s unique editorial process weaves together:

  • original scientific research and/or data analysis with;
  • social journalism – Orb’s Listen and Learn Toolkit – that turns the public into a reporting resources; and
  • old school field reporting from multiple countries.

We publish our work on www.orbmedia.org and simultaneously with the Orb Media Network a global cohort of leading national media brands in multimedia, print, TV and radio. We also work with Orb Global Partners, a network of global academics, NGOs and other stakeholders to inform and amplify our reporting.

See more about Orb’s mission and work in our FAQ.

Context for Orb Media


We live in a globalized world where our social, professional and consumer connections stretch around the global. Yet journalism organizations often describe the world through a national lens. However, there is a gap between how our human society and planet actually function and the image the media paints of our world.

We believe that journalism has a unique power and responsibility to shape both our power and responsibility to shape both our perception of the world around us and our role in it.

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever for the journalism industry to paint a more accurate picture that reveals our compelling human story; how much we have in common and that we share a single future.

Now, we are all simultaneously local, national and global citizens increasingly called upon to manage our global interdependences. To successfully manage the challenges, the public requires quality, fact-based information that accurately represents our complex world.

When individuals have the information and tools to recognize their shared role and responsibility in a global issue, they are then empowered, engaged and can become agents of citizen-driven change. Orb is uniquely positioned as an independent journalism organization to serve the global public what it needs most: to see that we are one world and that we share one story.