Why does Orb exist?

There is rising frustration with, and concern about, journalism’s failure to deliver meaningful, useful information to the public. The transition to digital formats and changing revenue models act as shifting sands under the industry’s feet, hindering its ability to deliver a crucial public service.

When we most need to see the full picture of our world, it’s increasingly apparent that journalism is showing us only fragments of it. At best, diverse perspectives are aggregated into a mosaic that presents a time consuming and fractured image of our world. To keep us glued to our screens, today’s media is stuck in a virtue-less cycle. By pushing breaking news updates, focusing on our differences and reinforcing stereotypes, media keeps us hooked by delivering a heightened sense of conflict.

In the age of the digital medium, this journalistic message feels out of date and has limited value to the public. Something needs to change.

Doing Journalism Differently: Illuminating our Human Story
Today we are presented with a stunning opportunity. We now have an unfettered, digital reach. We can connect with anyone, anywhere. As people, we have our differences, but we share a core that profoundly outweighs them. Why not take advantage of that global reach by fusing powerful digital tools and professional journalism to unite us around what we have in common? Why not produce journalism liberated from the national and cultural agendas that are so prevalent in today’s media?

Orb unlocks the full journalistic potential of what technology has made possible. We provide a new perspective, a refreshing type of journalism that resonates with and is accessible to a diverse, global audience. Our reinvented editorial process enables us to serve our human community with journalism that challenges and unifies us by fostering our understanding of our interconnected and interdependent world.