Get Involved


How You Can Participate!

There are two key ways you can participate in our work at Orb.

You can become a member, financially supporting our work. You can also volunteer to become a part of our reporting process by joining the Orb Community.

Join the Orb Community

Right now we are building Orb’s operations and honing our new editorial structure. Key to building that editorial structure is fostering the “Orb Community,” a vibrant subset of the global public who can help us reveal and interpret the world we live in.

As a participant in Orb’s community, you’re invited to indicate how you’d like to be involved. You can share the topics that you are knowledgeable about (so that we can reach out to you during our reporting process), take surveys, support our data processing, or all of the above!

We look forward to welcoming you as a vital part of our Orb Community and our reporting process as we grow!

You can join by sharing your cell phone number or your email address.

Sign up using SMS

To join our community and interact with us via SMS, please text the word “Orb” to this number:
+ 1-202-759-7615

Sign up using email

Orb does not sell or trade your information. Check out our Privacy Policy.

You can opt out at any time and we will remove your name and personal information from the Orb Community.